GPAAS is solely supported by public donations and does not receive any federal or state funding.  GPAAS is a recognized 501 C 3 not for profit organization and is listed on  We have a paid Administrator to oversee GPAAS and many dedicated volunteers who help facilitate the organization’s work.  Click here to donate - 


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Animals for adoption come to GPAAS from owner relinquishments, the Michigan Humane Society, from shelters in need, and occasionally, found strays.  All animals accepted into GPAAS adoption program are professionally screened for health and temperament.  Once accepted, we provide these animals with complete veterinary care,  including age appropriate vaccinations, testing, sterilization and any other care deemed necessary by the veterinarian.  GPAAS is very fortunate to work with many local veterinarians who provide high quality care for our animals.

Since GPAAS is a non-sheltering organization, various foster homes provide the care for our animals and accompany them to the veterinarian and adoption showings.  They are knowledgeable about the pet’s personalities and attributes, making prospective animals and adoptive home pairings very successful. 

GPAAS is a community service organization providing adoption counseling, adoption follow up, training, pet education, student outreach and various other programs to assist those within our community.

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